Sign contracts in the blink of an eye.

Bye-bye, paperwork! With EuroSignature, you have a streamlined solution for your business transactions. For the customer, it’s business as usual – and for you, it’s child’s play.


  • No postage and no dependence on postal service providers (pickup, delivery, etc)
  • No delays and lost sales due to postal lead times
  • Legal security – thanks to recognized signature partners complete legal security and insurance of signatures over $3 million per signature
  • Clarity about contract status – you always know where the contract is currently for signature

Eurosignature allows you to complete almost all signature processes within 24 hours.

Try it yourself!

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Concluding contracts at home office

Richard Kirchberg presented Eurosignatur in an interview with Hans-Peter Neeb from BVMW Hochtaunus. Especially in times of increased home offices, EuroSignatur can help to conclude business transactions in a legally secure manner.

One platform – many features

  • No installation or hardware required for operation. The platform is browser-based and works on any common device.
  • No registration required for the recipient of the documents.*
  • Can be used worldwide – Eurosignatur knows no national borders. You can use the platform worldwide, always with confidence in European data protection rules.
  • Flexible to use – no matter what industry you belong to, Eurosignatur can be used for any area. Contact us with your requirements and we will find the right solution with the platform for you!
  • Space-saving and environmentally friendly – with Eurosignatur you save paper, time and money and do something good for the environment at the same time. Lean automated processes reduce your personnel costs and archiving is purely digital. Put an end to a physical archive!
  • Location-independent – sign on the move, on the PC, on the move on the laptop, from the home office or, or, or… – use the flexibility of Eurosignatur together with your customers – at any time, at any place.

*In the case of a qualified electronic signature, certain identification steps of the signer are necessary for certificate issuance.

Legal security

  • Eurosignatur only offers advanced and qualified signatures that also stand up in court worldwide. Simple signatures, no matter how much data is collected for them, do not offer you this legal security!
  • An advanced electronic signature according to EU Regulation No. 910/2014 requires the following features:
    • Clear assignment to the signatory
    • Identification of signatory
    • Use of electronic signature creation data “that the signer can use with a high degree of confidence under his or her sole control.”
    • Linking of all features that detect and report a subsequent change
  • A qualified electronic signature (QeS) is based on a qualified certificate (valid at the time of creation) that was issued personalized for the signer. The signature was created using a secure signature creation device (SSCD). According to §126a of the German Civil Code (BGB), the QeS is equivalent to the written form and is legally secure.
  • Eurosignatur digital signatures are encrypted with the highest international standards. All evidence captured during the signature process is self-contained, cannot be tampered with, and is stored directly in the document. No third parties, you always have unlimited access to all signature data!
  • All servers are located in the EU – no mirroring or outsourcing outside the EU. No access by American authorities via Privacy Shield – your data is safe.
  • Neutrality – by using our trusted signature partner Validated ID, the validity of the signature is guaranteed and is incontestable, Validated ID takes responsibility for this.
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