Signature solutions

Digital signatures in contract and service management optimize your work processes, make your performance transparent to the customer, reduce costs and eliminate queries.

Almost all SMEs since Corona wait up to a week longer than usual for signatures from your customers and suppliers, which costs time and money. Don’t wait anymore, go digital!

OPTANIUM offers a company portal in which any documents to be signed are filed with drag & drop, provided with the names and e-mail addresses of the signatories, and then automatically sent to the signatories. Signers are periodically reminded to sign. It’s easy to do on your phone, PC or tablet.

After all signatures are made, you and your business partner get access in a portal to all signed documents. In addition, we offer insurance to cover any financial losses should the signature not be recognized.

The portal has the option of requesting quotations or submitting service requests. As a company, you have an optimal overview of all contract- and service-relevant processes of all your customers at all times.

A custom-developed app with all the business rules to create simple quotes, workflows for approval, and a document archive in-house at the company are optional components.

If you want, we will not store any documents and trade secrets from you and the signed documents will be deleted from our servers.

With our comprehensive dashboard, you can keep an eye on your sales performance. With our push notifications, you always stay up to date and see what’s happening and where you might need to intervene.

We differentiate ourselves from competitors such as DocuSign from the USA by only partnering with companies in the EU to provide our services. 100% DS-GVO compatibility guaranteed and no discussions with the works council about the security of personal data.

We offer all three types of electronic signatures: simple, advanced (most popular) and qualified. For qualified signatures, we are certified to verify signers.

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