proAlpha Einführung

The implementation of the ERP system proAlpha is roughly divided into four parts:

  • Defining the new business processes
  • Loading the cleaned data from the legacy systems
  • Configuring user groups and access rights
  • Practice, practice, practice

As a certified proAlpha partner, we support you in all three areas with the experts on business processes, specialists who know how to load and clean data in proAlpha from the ff as well as trainers who accompany the change of habits of their employees from rather manual activities to the automated processes in proAlpha with patience and empathy.

For the adaptation of business processes, we use a methodology from MIT in Boston.

The export of data from legacy systems, data cleaning and adaptation to the data model of proAlpha as well as the automated import into proAlpha is carried out via our ELSA software.

For the configuration of access rights we recommend the tool from proAlpha.

With OPTANIUM you have the security of having found the right partner for the best possible implementation of proAlpha.

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