Desk Sharing with clever workplace

clever workplace is a booking system for all types of work environments. Your employees book workstations, meeting rooms, lounge areas, telephone booths and parking spaces via an app, at the kiosk in the building entrance or on their company intranet. Your spaces are used in the best possible way. Your employee satisfaction increases with the inclusion of news about events and company news via push notification on mobile and in the browser.

Book your favorite place in three clicks

We have received and implemented many ideas and suggestions from employees for easy booking. Tap desired date, select a favorite place (favorite) and tap “Save”, done.

The live map shows free workstations on the floor plan. Simple authorizations allow reserving areas e.g. exclusively for employees of the HR department.

The Microsoft 365 (Outlook) calendar is always up-to-date

Log in to your Microsoft account and automatically synchronize existing appointments between clever workplace and Outlook. No double entries are necessary.

Reliable figures due to sensors

Optionally, you can choose from a range of sensors that track the actual usage of each workspace down to the minute. “Occupied” indicators on the monitor show employees whether the space is still free or will soon be reserved again. Meeting rooms without occupancy are released 15 minutes after the start of reservation.

Overbooking option with waiting lists

Waiting lists can be set up for team workplaces. If a workstation becomes vacant, the list places are allocated in the order in which they are booked, whereby persons with limited mobility may be given preference.

Exemplary data privacy

We live data privacy! clever workplace only needs the email addresses to distinguish the employees. Name, phone number, favorites and favorite colleague list are optional. Use exactly what is compatible with your works council. Our servers are located in Germany and operated by German providers. We anonymize and delete on time.

Unleash the full potential of your office space

In the customizable dashboard, you can see the utilization rates of floors, buildings and locations in real time. We recommend actions to improve utilization and adoption.

Integration into the building management

clever workplace has open interfaces. We continuously develop integrations into all common building management solutions for automatic updating of changes, such as relocations on request

Easy start without IT

To start, the agreed employee data is uploaded to clever workplace, buildings, floors, rooms and workstations are defined in any depth and, if necessary, the sensors are installed on the work environments. No firewall configuration is required. Secure standard protocols such as https are used to communicate with the app and the kiosk.

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