With ELDAR automatic lead generation software, you add a small additional feature to your website that forwards the information submitted by the visitor to our web to lead server.

In a multi-stage process, the company information is identified on the server and then converted into a CRM lead. This allows you to see how interested a company representative is in one of your products – and find new customers much faster.

This lead is then assigned to your responsible sales representative, which you determine based on sales region, product category, or other criteria. In the CRM system, the pages visited, dwell time, and retrieval frequency are displayed and updated so that your sales force can prepare for a conversation with a representative of the interested company.

ELDAR is available for a variety of countries and CRM systems on a monthly rental basis.
The application is operated in certified, secure data centers in Germany and does not require an additional server on your side.

Try ELDAR for free

If you would like to get your own impression of ELDAR, please contact us via our contact form. We will be happy to activate a test account for you.

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