ERP Deployment

Holzhauer Pumpen is the world’s leading supplier of pumping units for extinguishing fires.

After a change of ownership from the founder to an investor, all business processes were to be completely integrated and digitalized. Sales, technical office, processing, production, purchasing, accounting, controlling, shipping and service were to be integrated into a common ERP system.

OPTANIUM provided the project manager and experts for data migration from legacy systems (if available), cleaning of data, restructuring of data to proAlpha’s data model, and development of a product configurator that will incorporate the accumulated knowledge of over 50 years step-by-step.

The project was started during a phase of strong sales growth and had as a particular challenge the prioritization between day-to-day business and project work. Intelligent solutions as well as modularization of the aggregates allowed considerable resources to remain in the day-to-day business, which would otherwise have been needed for the adaptation of assemblies and parts lists.

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