Open UI – Overview, Features and Benefits Part 1

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  3. How Open UI processes the user request

What is Siebel Open UI?

Open UI is browser independent and devise independent client for Siebel desktop and mobile application.


Open UI Features

  1. Next generation browser client for Siebel desktop and mobile applications.
  2. Uses the same back end architecture with additional features.
  3. Does not support customer facing standard-interactivity client.
  4. New look and feel, JavaScript based controls.
  5. Supports any web browser to render the application.
  • Uses HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery.
  • Does not use ActiveX.
  • Allows client side validations without SRF change.

Open UI benefits

  1. Native browser support.
  2. Mobile device support.
  3. Enhanced look and feel of User Interface.
  4. Better user experience.
  5. Client side customization.
  6. Easy to deploy and maintenance.
  7. Large developer’s pool.

Native Browser support

  1. Open UI for any standard browser.
  2. Address based Map integration.
  3. Supports browser features.
  • Zoom in/out
  • Print preview/Print
  • Bookmark
  • File save as
  • Find
  • Browser History

Mobile device support

  1. Enhanced Siebel mobile application with Open UI frame work.
  2. Mobile application looks like other native application.
  3. Integration with mobile functions like calls, Emails, GPS, Multi touching gesturing.

Enhanced look and feel UI

  1. New CSS and JavaScript files provide modern look and enhanced functionalities.
  2. Introduced new Siebel controls like MVG, Picklists, Calculator, Date and time pickers.
  3. File upload/download control
  • Introduced file drag and drop functionality.
  • Upload multiple files at a time.
  1. Enhanced product configuration screen.
  2. Sitemap filter.
  3. JavaScript based CTI toolbar.
  4. Provide preferences to user to change navigation control from tab to tree and vice versa.
  5. Can add custom themes based upon CSS and JavaScript’s.

Better User Experience

  1. Unbounded LOV supports type ahead where any matching LOV value in the list is displayed as user types.
  2. Text boxes can by resized on the fly and include spell check.
  3. Enhanced keyboard tabbing.
  4. Introduced more key board shortcuts.
  5. Notification list replaces message broadcasting service.
  6. Read vs unread notification alert.
  7. CTI- flexible and easy configurable.
  8. Improved Smart script and Task based UI.

Client side Customization

  1. HTML, CSS and JavaScript to build custom themes for user.
  2. Open UI framework provides JavaScript APIs to build sophisticated application.
  • As delivered Siebel open UI client look very similar to Siebel HI client.
  • Provides JavaScript API to build more sophisticated and customized application.
  • Using JavaScript API, build more validation rules on client side without any .srf change.
  • Text boxes can be resized on the fly and include spell check.

Easy to deploy and maintain

  1. As open UI allows to build validation script on client side, no need to compile in Siebel repository file.
  2. Provides separate folders to place all custom files without changing out-of-box functionalities.
  3. Can create any number of custom files.

Large developers pool

  1. Using of HTML, CSS and JavaScript provides a large pool for developers.
  2. Application cab be extended using the same tools that developers are familiar with.

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