Social Responsibility

India and Germany are closely connected – not only when it comes to business but also in their passion for chess.

As experts know today, the game was invented centuries before Christ in India to imitate the battle between two old Indian armies (cavalry = knight, war chariot = bishop, elephant = rook, and infantry = pawn).

After the Persians and Arabs brought the figures to Europe, their ways of moving changed and modern rules were developed.

In Germany and India chess is a popular sport and hobby among all age groups and acts as a connecting element between people of different cultures. There is equality before the chessboard, no matter which religion, caste, or language group they belong to. It is about recognizing connections, the right strategy, short-term tactics and a detailed knowledge of causalities to be successful. One incautious action can cause the loss of the game.

OPTANIUM implements these principles in the organizational culture, guides the employees to use and understand strategy and tactic and preempt mistakes.

We decided to equip one of the most innovative German chess societies, Schachfreunde Friedberg e.V. with a new website and to further support them with their mission to make chess more popular in Germany. We especially enjoyed their campaign „1,000 chessboards for every elementary school class“. We will start a similar initiative in Chennai.

By discovering their own skills Indian children should gain the necessary self-confidence to be recognized and supported as a talent in the talent competition.