Siebel/Salesforce for your Russia business – RODJA

Since the Russian Federation is not allowing the export of personal data of its citizens into the European Union (EU) anymore, EU businesses face significant financial challenges:

  • Implement a CRM-system only for Russia
  • Manually consolidate sales revenue
  • Plan and execute marketing actions separately
  • „double“ effort for maintenance and further development
  • Significant coordination effort between the versions for Russia and EU for the staff
  • Additional budgets for support of the new system

This is expensive, inefficient and time consuming.

RODJA by OPTANIUM offers you the much better solution of a seamless integration of your Russian organization into your company. This is how it works:

  • At the page view in the browser RODJA adds all Russian personal data to the EU data
  • All personal data is stored in the Russian office of the customer or in a certified data center in St. Petersburg or Moscow
  • Before sending personal data, all personal data of the Russian contacts are filtered, transmitted to RODJA and only the data of international contacts is transferred to the CRM system in the EU

Example Salesforce-Integration: a new tab shows up for the Russian personal data:

Example Siebel-Integration: a new tab shows up for the Russian personal data:

Example Siebel: Marking and editing of a Russian contact

All Russian personal data will be stored on servers within the Russian Federation, in compliance with the legal requirements. No data element is leaving the Russian territory.

The existing CRM system can be used unchanged.

Outside of the Russian Federation:

  • No display of Russian contacts / personal data
  • Full consolidation of Russian revenue in all reports
  • Definition of marketing actions and execution to all non-Russian contacts

Within the Russian Federation:

  • Display, processing and deletion of Russian contacts/ personal data
  • Mailing of marketing projects to Russian contacts
  • Same functionality as in the existing CRM-system outside of Russia

RODJA prevents:

  • Double customization in two CRM-systems
  • Additional requirements for staff- and special-knowhow
  • Additional software provider in Russia

RODJA is available:

  • In German and English language
  • For Salesforce and Oracle Siebel CRM, which are hosted within the European Union
  • As Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for a fixed monthly rental price, depending on the number of users

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