Financial Services Provider

For a leading German financial services provider OPTANIUM conceptualized and implemented a sales support software. This software was rolled out and is being operated in 250 regional offices.

The priorities of the customer were mainly a smooth implementation in the earliest possible timeframe, as well as to increase the per head revenue in the local offices considerably.

The project was completed in a five-year time frame and all 20 rollouts were completed on time and on budget.

An evaluation of the project by the customer showed the success of the new sales support software: Offices with the new software showed a revenue increase of nearly 400% compared to offices that did not implement the new software. Based on these findings the system was implemented in all offices of the customer.

Commercial kitchen outfitter

The customer is a worldwide leading and renown company for thermal cooking of food in commercial kitchens. Due to a high growth rate, given through its reputation for high quality in services and employees, the internal IT structures, the internal hotline for IT questions of employees regarding printers, phones etc. has been growing as well and was in need of a new system, ready for the new challenges.


Klüh Service Management

The Klüh Service Management GmbH is an international multi service provider. The service portfolio includes cleaning services, hospital services, Catering, Facility management, security and HR services as well as airport services.

The branch Klüh Multiservices is one of the leading service providers in the area of catering, security and hospitals in Germany. To keep this leading position and offer the best services to clients at fair prices, they requested an analysis of the internal processes from OPTANIUM. OTANIUM then provided a process analysis and offered ideas to promote customer loyalty.

As a result of several workshops by OPTANIUM ideas were formed into innovation, which led to process optimization. This in turn increased the customer loyalty by offering an optimized customer acquisition program, including already existing customers. This cuts costs for acquiring new customers and binds existing customers closer to the company, establishing an atmosphere of trust and appreciation.


Consumer goods manufacturer

A leading consumer goods manufacturer came to OPTANIUM with the request to conceptualize a central service platform, to implement it and bring it live. The major points for the customer were:

  • An improved service quality in all European countries – a timely and fast implementation
  • New management reports enable a more efficient service control
  • No dependence from an external provider

These points had to be implemented as soon as possible. With the help of the newly conceptualized central platform, exactly suited and customized according to the customers’ needs by OPTANIUM, it was possible to generate detailed reports and statistics of the real efforts and to improve the service across all countries. This platform was conceptualized and developed within six months only.

Within another three months the customer was also able to independently implement changes and extensions, enabling him to stay independent from any external providers.


Leasing company

The Deutsche Leasing AG is one of the leading European companies in the leasing business. They have managed to successfully reduce the IT costs by getting a customized CRM platform done by OPTANIUM which is now used worldwide at Deutsche Leasing and its subsidiaries.

Both platforms, Siebel by Oracle and Salesforce, customised by OPTANIUM, allow the central coordination, analysis and planning of the international as well as German business. This supports proactively all sales managers with the best possible sales support.

The Deutsche Leasing AG values the highest possible efficiency and clarity in the control and usage of platforms for communication with customers, among employees, to the management and the respective departments. The system is embedded into the IT landscape and has interfaces to the related systems in the offer process.

OPTANIUM used skilled specialists in this project in Germany, which made sure that the system runs. They were supported by technical specialists from India who worked at the development of the system. A special contract clause allows Deutsche Leasing to use free capacities very efficiently.


Logistic service provider

OPTANIUM delivered consulting services to a big German logistic service provider on the topic of how to improve customer relationships in the sales department by merging currently separated databases for regional and national subsidiaries. The requirements of the data privacy for a big company had to be reviewed and a way had to be found how to implement a joint CRM system without bigger organizational changes.

OPTANIUM reviewed structural and organizational connections within the group of companies and was able to suggest certain changes that would increase the revenue and strengthen the customer relationship.


Postal services provider

The NEOPOST Group is an international company in the area of postal services. The IT landscape of the headquarters and of all international subsidiaries had to be moved to one standardized IT platform on the base of the SAP5 standards as an ERP system and for salesforce as a CRM system. The new platform allows the customer to coordinate, analyse and plan the German as well as the international business.

OPTANIUM coordinated the data migration from the old ERP and CRM systems SAP and Siebel to the new platform for the customer. OPTANIUM uses a project manager in Germany for this project who supports the migration. Resources for the migration are – if reasonable – provided from India. A special contract allows the customer to use the capacities also at short notice.