Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for service providers – PASST

Every project starts with an idea. To realise this idea however, there is more needed. You need to assess, how realistic this idea actually is and which problems and solutions have priority. Then the planning, implementation and tracking of the project starts. You always monitor everything: is the innovation working and is all still on time? In the running implementation new ideas can then be created again.

OPTANIUM follows the traditional project management in certain ground rules. There is e.g. proactivity, the targeted solution and not waiting for problems. A clear distribution of responsibilities allows to establish structures to not lose any ideas in between. A high grade of automation, a lean frontend and the relief from formalities speed up the work and end frustration of inconvenient and unnecessary process steps.

Functional blocks in PASST

PASST consists of various different blocks, which help you to analyse your project and to keep an overview. This is the key for your successful project.

  • User
    • Project team, Management, External
  • Depiction of Project organisation
    • Team leader, responsibilities
    • Communication plan, Reporting
  • Requirements management
    • Monitoring of tasks
    • Managing additional work steps
    • Notifications, Escalation
  • Help tools
    • Time tracking and assignment
    • Expenses claim and project accounting
  • Portfolio-Management
    • Project phases, Milestones
    • International holidays
    • Prioritisation according to costs/benefits
  • Project management
    • Meeting minutes, Status reports
    • Activities, meetings, open points
    • Follow-ups, Reminders
  • Detailed Framework
    • Reports and Dashboards
    • Work flows and business processes
    • Integration: Outlook, Excel, XML, ..


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