Offshore Delivery Centre

Can standardised IT services still be done from Germany?

Is it possible to outsource the service provision into low cost countries, without compromising the service quality?

To set up an Offshore Devlopment Centre (ODC) can save you lots of costs and bring you ahead in the competition, however there are also lots of challenges which could impact the project.

OPTANIUM supports you with its long standing know how to find out which areas in your business are suited for an ODC, what would be the restrictions and if there is a business case for you. We assist you in calculating the ROI and in the organization and implementation of a pilot project.

Our experienced India specialists analyse the situation and develop a concept for you which suggests you the relevant organisational, personnel, process oriented and technical measures to reach the requested targets and savings.

Our specialists have longstanding project experience in India and can support you with their professional knowledge and India experience to ensure your offshoring plans a success!

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