Market Entry Germany

You are sure you cannot ignore the German market anymore?

You are aware that large cultural differences (to the UK, the US) exist and that German as a language is a key requirement?

We can support you entering the German market in a successful way, leveraging

  • our network of German SMEs as clients
  • our network of local consultancies to provide you with leads

We will provide you with an individual concept and a short and medium term plan to crack into the largest and most challenging market in Europe.

If you are interested to sell your offerings to the right target clients in Germany, but do not want to invest into a local subsidiary yet, OPTANIUM can support you. We establish your company’s specific USPs and fitment for the German market.

We identify required investments and calculate the ROI based on your assumptions and our projections. We provide you with recommendations on which products and services can be successfully “germanized” and how to do so.

We propose a go-to-market approach including, but not limited to:

  • local partner selection,
  • arranging of client appointments,
  • translation support,
  • marketing material in German language,
  • an office location and
  • invitations for business talks with your prospective customers.

Don’t wait, enter the German market without great risk and the help of an experienced and well connected partner. We look forward to hear from you!


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