The history of OPTANIUM dates back until 1991, when Cambridge Technology Partners (CTP) developed a method to reliably deliver IT projects on a fixed price basis. When getting in touch with this method Marcel Nebel is thrilled and he delivers his projects on-time, on-budget and with full functionality. In 2013 he sets up OPTANIUM GmbH, he adjusts the CTP methods to his new business model and offers his customers the best of three worlds: US methods, German quality and management and Indian price advantage and IT skills. Find out more about our history here:


Cambridge Technology Partners (CTP) is founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts by leading IT scientists at the MIT. CTP develops a method for reliably delivery of fixed bid projects in the IT, with a focus on Sales, Marketing and Support (CRM). 


Marcel Nebel joins as project manager and fitfth employee at CTP Germany. He is thrilled about the method and all his projects are delivered on-time, on-budget and with full functionality. A swift career up to the overall responsibility for the banking sector starts. 


Mr. Nebel gains firsthand experience at Accenture in Germany about the advantages and challenges of working together with Indian companies. A network starts to grow.  


As the first and only German employee of a Indian software company Mr. Nebel is responsible for the business development in Germany, Austria and Italy. First ideas to start OPTANIUM are taking shape.



On 09th December the OPTANIUM GmbH is registered at the commercial registry in Frankfurt am Main. Business purpose is the consulting of SMEs with focus on CRM systems. The implementation of new and efficient IT systems is done with help of the Indian subsidiary in Chennai, offering a cost advantage. Fixed prices and fixed delivery dates are guaranteed by adjusting the CTP methodology to the needs and requirements of German customers and Indian software developers.

The Deutsche Leasing AG (DL) is the first customer for Oracle Siebel and Salesforce CRM.



On 4th February the fully owned Indian subsidiary is founded. For the first year the company rents office space at Regus Office in the Olympia Tech Pak. The Indian subsidiary has now three employees.



In February OPTANIUM starts to conceptualize and implement a standardized CRM system for 22 countries worldwide.

In May OPTANIUM finishes the analysis of a migration from Siebel to Salesforce and SAP for the subsidiary of an international service provider.

In summer the work to develop PASST, a cloud based ERP solution by OPTANIUM for service providers.

In December OPTANIUM recommends the reorganization of the customer service after an intensive workshop with a international operating medium sized enterprise, based in Bavaria. Furthermore, the CRM system integration into the hotline has to be improved.


In January OPTANIUM starts to develop a fully automated lead generation solution for websites, based on Salesforce and Siebel (ELDAR). Furthermore, work starts for an easy and efficient solution for hotline operations (2Click).

In May OPTANIUM in Chennai grows. The office has now 8 employees and moves to the Greeta Tech Park close to the IT-Highways in Chennai.

In December starts a milestone in the hostory of Deutsche Leasing AG: The first online sale of a financial product. Mr. Nebel becomes project leader and has the task to successfully complete the project within 12 months.  


With support of various companies of the Sparkassen financial group and the development of the core system by OPTANIUM the project is succesfully completed within the time frame. The financial product of the Deutsche Leasing AG goes online at 20 Sparkassen and generates more than 3.500 interested customers within two weeks without any big advertising campaigns.



In January OPTANIUM in Chennai moves again into a bigger office space, into a modern IT park directly at the IT highway. The team has a headcount of 12 now.

In Karben there are now 5 employees based, including a student assistant.

In February the last of the 22 countries of the international rollout goes live.

In April OPTANIUM moves into its first office in Karben, inside an office building close to the Karben S-Bahn station. The office warming is a party non one will easily forget!