Data privacy – cleanli

The purpose of the app is to collect presence information to proof cleaning services have taken place.

These types of data are subject to this agreement:

1 Presence information BLW: Date, time, signal strength, ID of the beacon or ePaper

2 Information NFC scans: Date, time, NFC-ID, pictures taken

3 Fixed data of the organization: List of IDs of purchased or hired beacons, ePaper and NFC-Chips, list of IDs of mobile phones and installed software version.

4 Settings: Usage of beacons, ePaper and/ or NFC-Chips, usage of offline-mode, BLE sensitivity, consecutive cleaning time.

This data is required to proof that a mobile was nearby a beacon, ePaper or NFC-Chip. The pictures are there as direct proof. It is not captured which person was carrying which mobile at the time of cleaning.

No data of any person group is processed.