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Webinar: Siebel migration

We offer Webinars for this particular topic. Currently, our webinars are in German, however, if you are interested in an English webinar for this topic, please send us an email.

Are you dissatisfied with your current system, your license is expiring and you anyways wanted to change to a cloud solution? We support you with the migration of your old system to a new, especially for you customized version.

Especially as a Siebel-Oracle user you should look for an alternative solution as fast as possible: Oracle is only providing support for the Siebel solution until 2019. Afterwards the Siebel users have the choice to change to the successor, “SalesCloud” or to by expensive support packages from Oracle.

You do not want to spend money, to migrate to the new solution? The process should run parallel to your everyday business work and should be completed in time before 2019? We offer you to check if we can realise your Siebel system at a reduced rate. We will improve and streamline your system from your hardware up to the applications for infrastructure, operating system and day to day processes.

By using these saved costs usually, you can finance a migration to another system or the successor system within 18 months. Your monthly debit remains the same, however you need less personnel which you can use for more value adding work elsewhere. Furthermore, you do not need to take care of the details for the migration, this is done by OPTANIUM for you.