Consulting Services

OPTANIUM works independent from the big manufacturers and is looking for the best solution for and together with the customer. In a detailed workshop with the customer all requirements are collected and analyzed. Based on this information the best available solution for the customers’ requirements is selected and demonstrated in a comprehensible presentation.

Due to the independence of any big manufacturer the customers gets an impartial consultation to find the best suited solution for the given requirements, customized to the needs of the customer. This takes pressure from your own IT which can then be used for more value-adding work.

Upon consultation we outsource certain development work to India into our very own Offshore Delivery Center (ODC) and thereby reduce the average costs of the application up to two thirds compared to a German service provider. The project communication is headed by our German team and fully transparent for our customers.

Following this outline, you will get a CRM system with German quality, Indian prices and a project management on time and on budget. This is our OPTANIUM satisfaction warranty.