Siebel-Limitations of Task Based UI (TBUI)

  1. Two play bar applets in a single task view is not possible.
  2. Task UI is only available for HI applications.
  3. When building Task UI from existing views, buttons on applets that provide additional functions (like invoking a business service) are dropped.These functions have to be implemented on the task UI if required.
  4. Drilldowns (Dynamic or Static) are not possible in TBUI.
  5. In the middle of the task, if we click any view tab and clicking browser back button will not bring the current task context and it errors out saying ‘Unable to bring the  context current of the task’.
  6. We cannot use keyboard ENTER key in order to go to next step. It is an open issue in Siebel 8.1 TBUI.
  7. If a CIAI enabled field is used within a TBUI task based view, querying on this field will have performance degradation.


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