Hotline for small and medium sized enterprises – 2 Click

Helpdesks and Hotline-Software are very often expensive and too complex for your actual requirements. What you actually need: an easy, lean, but efficient way to keep contact with your customer. OPTANIUM developed its new in-house solution 2Click exactly according to these needs: Your internal helpdesk as well as an external hotline have a lean design for you, tickets will be processed automatically and you will have an expandable database, which finds known issues in a ticket and suggests solutions.

2 Click-Webinar

We offer regular Webinars for our 2 Click application.

You can reserve a free seat here.

Minimum costs are guaranteed as we only use the smallest license – including reporting, workflows, screen designer, email functionality and many more. Our 2Click application is charged at only 20 € per agent per month, perfectly reasonable for small and medium enterprises.

We are happy to present you a demo-version of the application and discuss the opportunities for your company in a personal meeting.