Connecting external System by Clicks


Salesforce offers a variety of mechanisms inbuilt for connecting external systems in real time. SOAP, REST and a variety of integration adapters are available out of the box to push/pull data to/from external systems. Salesforce introduces External Data Sources which enables systems to integrate.

Salesforce provides a variety of adapters to connect with external systems. The available adapters are

  1. Salesforce Connect: OData 2.0

  2. Salesforce Connect: OData 4.0

  3. Federated Search: OpenSearch

  4. Outgoing Email

  5. Recommendation

  6. Salesforce Connect: Cross-Org

  7. Simple URL

Implementing Live Agent in Salesforce


Using Live Agent, Agents can interact with customers and prospects online and in real time. Enter quickly the right answers and welcome future customers. Also helping in other aspects such as

  1. Personalized online help in real time

  2. Networked employees, higher productivity

  3. Enhance team performance


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